Intensive 1:1 ABA Therapy

One on one

The effectiveness of this therapy is self explanatory not only in Dr. Ivar Lovaas' study but also in the collected scientific data at Autism Partnership. They found that 95% of the young children who have received intensive behavioural intervention for a year have acquired speech. 71% of them can speak a 3-word sentence or move.

This program is developed for each individual child to address critical foundation skills necessary for long term success. Our consultants specialize in developing curriculum to address areas such as language, behaviour and social skills which are necessary to improve quality of life for all children with autism. Progress is achieved through the use of specialized teaching techniques as well as focus on teaching and improving appropriate behaviours.

As soon as a child is diagnosed with ASD, the child should seek for immediate treatment. Some are diagnosed as young as 14 months when parents notice symptoms of ASD while some are diagnosed at a later age of 3 . Regardless of when a child is diagnosed, treatment should begin immediately to catch up with his/her normally developed peers. A typical individual ABA program comprises of 15 - 30 hours per week of intensive therapy depending on the child's age, school placement and ancillary services.

This program includes four components:

  1. Program Curricular Assessment.
    Each child’s program will be tailor made to address his/her deficits. This individualized curriculum will be prepared by your child’s case consultant after a curricular assessment.

    Our program looks at a child in a holistic way, making sure we teach all the necessary skills for successful development. Skill areas can include but not limited to :

    • Communication and language
    • Social skills including initiation & assertiveness
    • Behavioural management & compliance problems
    • Creative and imaginary play skills
    • Abstract and creative thinking
    • General knowledge
    • Community training & vocational skills
    • Emotional regulation
    • Organizational skills
    • Perspective taking


  2. ABA Teaching

    Sessions are conducted in a 1:1 format most of the time although we do include small group teaching and / or structured play dates at different stages. Depending on each child’s needs they will also be recommended for different group programs.

    All skills are taught using research based precision teaching techniques to ensure that the student is learning at a maximal rate. Our teaching environment is systematically manipulated to help a child remain successful while teaching new skills.

    Each child is treated by a team of well trained therapists who provide direct line implementation of ABA teaching on a daily basis.

  3. Program Supervision

    The therapist will be teaching all the target skills as set by the case consultant. Regular Supervision will be carried out by your child’s case supervisor who will oversee therapy sessions to monitor quality of therapy and to evaluate program goal and curriculum design.

    The supervisor will ensure that changes are made as soon as challenges arise and programs can be added where necessary.

  4. Clinic Meetings

    There will be a monthly clinic meeting arranged for the treatment team and family to discuss the child’s progress, current issues of concern and to review short and long term objectives. The clinic meeting will include practical demonstrations of therapy programs and future program recommendations. Other professionals involved with the student are also welcome to attend clinic meetings.

Therapy Hours

Morning Plan  9:30am - 12:30pm (Monday - Friday)
Afternoon Plan  1:30pm - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)
Full Day Plan  9:30am - 3:30pm (Monday - Friday)