Key elements of successful ABA treatment: Parents Involvement (Autism Partnership Hong Kong)

Applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) is a well-known, scientifically proven intervention for increasing functional skills in children with autism or developmental delays. While children can make great gains with ABA therapy, the children who make the most gains are the ones who have parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy. Being actively involved doesn’t mean you need to observe every session and/or attempt to run your own sessions at home. However, what you can do is to carry over the skills your child is learning in therapy and then practice them during your child’s everyday routine.

Parents Q&A – Teach children to self-monitor on their own behavior (Autism Partnership Hong Kong)

Teaching children how to self-monitor on their own behavior is important, meaning they don’t need to rely on other people to monitor them and tell them what they are doing is good and delivering them the rewards. This is a much higher level program and let’s see how we train the children on this.

Parents Q&A - Teach children to wait (Autism Partnership Hong Kong)

Teaching children to wait is an important skill, but at the same time, a difficult skill to teach. A lot of toddlers have waiting problems and it is definitely not easy for them to wait for something that they really desire for.

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