Practical and effective.

One-on-one Applied Behaviour Analaysis ( ABA ) therapy at a centre is often highly recommended, but therapy services are often limited to specific areas or regions as well as limited for other reasons (for example the recent Covid-19 restrictions).


Here at Autism Link we have created a program for parents that is affordable, practical and sustainable.

Our program supports the entire family by providing affordable training and supervision and at the same extending our expertise to the family or in house therapist – who can actually be yourself.

Our comprehensive trainings are ongoing and ensures that therapy becomes less invasive and more generalised to the actual family members.


We provide parents with comprehensive online support in terms of an individual educational plan (IEP), program by program training , consultation and supervision .

We have adapted our treatment model to meet theneeds of each of our families over years of serving in the special education sector.

We created an online support system where each family has a dedicated consultant that guides you or your therapist to execute programs and behaviour procedures at home. 

This means that you can provide your child at home with therapy, which in turn helps your

child to generalise these abilities to where they are most needed, at home and in daily activities.

Not only can our online services assist with therapy and help develop individualised plans 

for your child, but expectations for your child and family are continually monitored and customised.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our consultants to discuss your child and family’s specific needs. We will discuss the process and how to start therapy today!

We offer comprehensive training to yourself or your chosen therapist where we will guide you through your sessions with a dedicated supervisor online.

Autism Links Online services are supervised by experienced ABA Supervisors .

Supervisors will observe live sessions and videos and provide feedback reports to ensure continuous updates to programs.

  • Hourly / Weekly / Bi-weekly / monthly support and supervision 

  • Comprehensive ABA Training

  • Progress monitoring

  • ABA program training ( online )

  • Assessment 

  • Individualised Educational Plan ( IEP )

  • Starter Pack 

  • Resources 

  • Parent Meeting 

  • General Report

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or send us an email at enquiry@autism.my