Applied Behaviour Analysis addresses various social issues using an understanding of why behaviour occurs. Similar to other applied sciences, ABA can be utilised to assist a wide range of social concerns (e.g depression, phobia, behaviours associated with autism, addiction, anxieties) as well as various populations and settings (e.g. education, business and industry, healthcare and gerontology).


ABA focuses on behaviours that would significantly impact an individual to lead more fulfilling lives. This method uses clearly defined procedures to change behaviours and teaches individuals skills to promote development as well as independence. The primary instructional method is called Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) which involves breaking down a skill into smaller parts, teaching each sub-skill repeatedly in a concentrated period of time until mastery, providing assistance and fading the prompts as necessary and utilising reinforcement procedures.

Applied Behaviour Analysis can come in many different forms, ranging from approaches that are very rigid to approaches that lack structure.


At Autism Link Malaysia, our approach is very child-centered and naturalistic. Our goal is not only to help children succeed, but also to extend support and guidance to the family members. We strongly believe that children can achieve significant improvements with a highly intensive and individualized learning program.

Howard, et al (2005) conducted a 14-month study and looked at three treatment groups. The results showed that children in the ABA group made more gains in all areas than both the other groups added together. This was an important finding as it is often cited that only the number of hours you commit to ABA matters. However, the research has shown that the type of treatment you choose also affects the treatment outcome significantly.

Most of our clients exhibit different levels of challenging behaviours. Inattention, rigidities and self-stimulation are some of the problems that occur. All these challenging behaviours not only become stressors to their daily lives but also, impede the learning process. These issues must be dealt with to maximize opportunities for learning and to teach our clients effective learning to learn skills . Decades of research in functional analysis of behaviour has provided us with effective strategies to handle the most challenging behavioural issues.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the most widely recognized and scientifically proven treatment for autism and is based upon more than 50 years of scientific investigation with individuals affected by various developmental and behavioural disorders. Our consultants at Autism Partnership has conducted a study in 2011 and has shown strong evidence on the effectiveness of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in helping clients on the spectrum. We receive direct training from our Autism Partnership consultants and this ABA approach reveals very promising treatment results.





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