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Is your child getting the best ABA therapy?

In Malaysia, ABA therapy is one of the common interventions for kids with autism. With the vast amount of centers offering ABA therapy, how do you know if your child is in an effective and good ABA program? Although there are other factors that do affect treatment efficacy such as the child's age at the onset of treatment and the child's cognitive capacity, there are factors that all good programs have in common. These factors include:

1. Consistency inside and outside of therapy (including home environment)

2. Parents and staff attending all meetings

3. Minimum two hours a week of supervision

4. Training of new staff before being assigned to cases

5. Parental appreciation of the therapy team

6. Problems are discussed with the case supervisor

7. Pleasant working environment

8. Not comparing between staff

9. Not comparing between different children

10. Understanding and appreciating differing therapists' styles

11. Flexibility in scheduling

12. Parental participation in parent training / some therapy sessions

13. Open communication within the team

14. Active, creative question asking, and problem-solving.

The quality of treatment is also highly dependent on the initial training and ongoing supervision of the staff. Here at Autism Link, we receive support and training not only from our in-house supervisors but also, from International Consultants at Autism Partnership. Contact us to find out more about our center and our treatment plans that we offer.

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