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June 3, 2018

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Happy Teacher's Day!

May 16, 2017

In conjunction with Teacher's Day this year, we asked Caryn Yeoh, one of our Senior Behaviour Therapists, for a defining memory of her career, thus far. Here's a little bit about why she enjoys doing what she does...


"If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”- A famous quote everyone’s heard of but few have experienced. In my time working in Autism Link, I finally saw the true meaning of the quote. Every case that was assigned to me was different. Although I was teaching the same programs with the same end goals, the approach to every case had to be different. Something that worked for a previous case may not work for the current one.  Some days were gruelling, filled with disappointments, impatience and frustration. But most days are filled with pride, hope and excitement.


Little A is one case that I will always remember. He would refuse to work because learning was difficult. And that resulted in tantrums, aversion to the classroom and therapist. That was the point where I learnt that working in the classroom conventionally, like I’ve done before, was not going to work. For the next 2 months, work was disguised as play. We would work in places outside the conventional classroom setting. Successes were celebrated, praises were louder and failures were underplayed, followed by a little help and prompting. Little A’s attitude towards learning began to change significantly. He was more willing to learn, tantrums decreased and productivity increased. In a short span of time, Little A learned skills beyond our expectations. Every milestone was celebrated and for the first time, I watched how effective it was to teach children the way they learn.


Autism is a spectrum disorder, and for every child, a different approach may be necessary. Some may take longer than others but with our passion, skill, effort and empathy they can achieve great things, no less than a typically-developing child. In my time here, I have learned to love so many children with autism and I have learnt a very important lesson, to never give up on them because they may be different, but they are not less.


Check out the video below for other memorable moments from some of our therapists!




To all educators, we at Autism Link, would like to salute you for the wonderful work that you do. 





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