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Essential Life Skills for People with ASD

January 14, 2018



No matter how young your child is, start teaching practical life skills as early as possible to prepare them for independence in the future. Here is a good list of areas to focus on when teach practical life skills to people with Autism.


  1. Meals - Reading recipe instructions, preparing meals, knowing how to use cooking equipment safely and storing food safely.

  2. Personal Care - Showering, hair care, nail care, brushing teeth, toileting, face care, washing hands, putting on and taking off clothes.

  3. Home care - Sweeping or vacuuming, wiping surfaces, organising spaces and washing dishes.

  4. Clothing - Washing and drying clothes, knowing how often to change clothes, folding and organizing clothes.

  5. Acquiring information - Knowing how to source for information through internet, books, newspapers or magazines. 

  6. Telephone skills - Answering the phone, making phone calls, texting, knowing who to call during emergencies.

  7. Time management - Following schedules, calendar and alarm clocks.

  8. Money skills - Knowing how to budget, shop for necessities, make payments and receive the correct change during transactions.

There are many other skills required for your child to reach full independence however, this list will serve as a good overall guide to cover the basic life skills for your child with Autism. Do check out our Instagram page to find out more about how our programs can help your child achieve independence and how we can help you as parents to generalise these skills at home.

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