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June 3, 2018

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Verbal Imitation Program

January 24, 2018


To teach a child new and novel words, they need to acquire the skill to imitate. Verbal imitation is a program that teaches a child to imitate on demand.


This program aims to

  1. Build a foundation for speech

  2. Increase vocalization

  3. Shape articulation

  4. Eventually reduce echolalia 

  5. Eventually reduce monotonous and mechanical speech patterns


To help facilitate language, it is important to:

  1. Choose frequently made sounds and words for a start

  2. Select developmentally appropriate sounds (e.g., "b" instead of "x")

  3. Select sounds that would be motivating and more functional (e.g. fun sounds like sounds animals make)

  4. Select words that would be motivating and functional (e.g. tickle, go, cookie)

  5. Pair the sound with a related picture or object during the task if it does not distract the child

  6. Use words to emphasize a specific sound (e.g. C-ar or B-all)

  7. Do the task in a fun environment (e.g. at the park or a favourite restaurant)


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