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Treatment for Autism (ASD) in Malaysia

March 7, 2018


Although there is much debate regarding the treatment of Autism (ASD) in Malaysia, we believe that children with autism can actually progress to a level of functioning where they become indistinguishable from their peers. Parents need to have hope and start receiving early treatment as soon as any early autism signs are detected. The goal of treatment for each child to obtain "his/her own best outcome" in life, and we know it's achievable. When the best outcome is achieved, individuals with autism are then able to live a happy, productive and independent life.



What can we at Autism Link Malaysia do to help children with Autism in Malaysia achieve these outcomes?


These factors contribute to successful outcomes:


1. Utilising quality Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy.

2. Intensity of treatment

3. Consistency of treatment

4. Early intervention

5. Not incorporating other treatments that would dilute the impact of ABA

6. Intensive supervision

7. Parental expertise



Why ABA Therapy in Malaysia?

  • It's based of scientific researches

  • It's worldwide proven to be the most effective treatment for individuals with Autism


Why is ABA Therapy the most effective treatment for individuals with Autism?


1. ABA uses reward systems to increase child's learning motivation

2. ABA uses individualised task breakdown - ABA adjusts teaching strategies systematically based on the individual learner

3. ABA emphasises on intensive practices to speed up the learning

4. ABA systematically helps the child to generalise skills from structured to natural daily settings

5. ABA defines a child's progress based upon measurable and reliable data taking and not based upon assumptions.




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