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Malbir Dhaliwal

Malbir Dhaliwal is a parent of twins with Autism who were diagnosed in 2003.

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Lon is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd., a Singapore incorporated company. He is also the current President of the NEM.io Foundation Ltd., a global Open Source Blockchain Technology project.

Kian Lon


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Reshani I Satharasinghe holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Science degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)


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Pamita Jayawardena

Case Supervisor

Pamita Jayasinghe holds a  Bachelor  of  Arts  (Hons)

in Psychology from UCSI University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Special Ed. She began her career at

Laila Zechariah

Case Supervisor

Laila Zechariah holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Family, society & health (double major) at Deakin University, Australia and is currently

Low Meiyee

Case Supervisor

Low Meiyee holds a Bachelor in Psychology (Honors) from Help University. Having undergone intensive ABA training with Autism Link, she began her career as a Behavior Therapist in 2015 and was promoted to Senior Behavior Therapist in

Eugenie Wong

Case Supervisor

Eugenie Wong obtained her Masters in Applied Child Psychology from Nottingham Trent University (UK) and her Bachelor in Psychological Science from the University of Adelaide (Australia). She joined Autism Link in 2015 as a Behaviour Therapist after undergoing

Ooi Ning En

Case Supervisor

Ooi Ning Enn holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology from University of Nottingham Malaysia and is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Special Education. She began her career at Autism Link as a Behavior Therapist upon finishing 


Nurfatihah Shahrin

Team Lead

Nurfatihah Shahrin holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honors) degree from both Sunway University and Lancaster University. After undergoing intensive ABA training, she started her
role at Autism Link as a 

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Dhivya Dharsinii

Team Lead

Dhivya Dharsinii holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from HELP University. She began her career as a Behaviour Therapist in 2017, after having undergone 

intensive ABA training at Autism Link. She started her role as behaviour therapist working