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Malbir Dhaliwal

Malbir Dhaliwal is a parent of twins with Autism who were diagnosed in 2003.

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Lon is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd., a Singapore incorporated company. He is also the current President of the NEM.io Foundation Ltd., a global Open Source Blockchain Technology project.

Kian Lon


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Reshani I Satharasinghe holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Science degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)


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Low Ree Ta

Senior Case Supervisor

Low Ree Ta holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Comm. from the University of Upper Iowa, USA. Ree Ta has been working with families with   autism   since   year  

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Irene Wong

Senior Case Supervisor

Irene Wong obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Bemidji State University, USA. Irene joined Autism Link in August 2009. Upon joining as a Behaviour Therapist,

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Nabilah Zulkarnaen

Case Supervisor

Nabilah Zulkarnaen also known as Belle holds a Bachelor of Multimedia in Media Innovation from the Multimedia Uni, Cyberjaya. She started providing ABA therapy to individuals with

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Pamita Jayawardena

Case Supervisor

Pamita Jayasinghe holds a  Bachelor  of  Arts  (Hons)

in Psychology from UCSI University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Special Ed. She began her career at

Laila Zechariah

Case Supervisor

Laila Zechariah holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Family, society & health (double major) at Deakin University, Australia and is currently


Low Meiyee

Team Lead

Low Meiyee holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Help University. Having undergone intensive ABA training, she began her career as a behaviour