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(Parent of a female child, aged 12)

We have been very grateful and impressed with the dedication of the team of therapists at Autism Link, as well as the usefulness and guidance of the consultants and the sessions with them once every 2 months. We also appreciate the fact that Autism Link does not subscribe to a very "strict" form of ABA but rather works with our child's sensory needs. In the 5 years that we have been with AL, our child has shown improvement in social and communication as well as self-help skills.

Testimony of Jasmine 
(Parent of Jayden Ooi, aged 3)

We are very grateful for everything you have done for Jayden. Thank you for your patience, for always welcoming Jayden with big smiles and hugs and for all the love that you have put in, dedicated to helping Jayden. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate your wonderful work with Jayden. You have also helped us as parents, teaching us ways to effectively handle the hard times. We will miss Autism Link. Thank you for bringing so much to our family. Thank you for everything.

Testimony of MH
(Parent of Hazim, aged 6)

When we first found Autism LInk , we were lost and scared on our son's future. He had limited vocabulary and he was delayed in several areas. Today he can tell us anything in full sentences , his likes and dislikes. His favourite colour (which is purple) and activities. He can read very well and loves playing video games. Importantly, the centre have taught our family how to live with Autism and accept our son with unconditional love. They have shown a side of our son that we thought we never see and taught him things we feared he will never be  able to accomplish. Thank you so much to the therapist and everyone at Autism Link. We cannot express our gratitude enough.

Testimony of Chong
(Parent of Y, aged 23)

Over the years, Y's behavioural problems are more manageable. His abilities to understand and act on verbal instructions has gradually developed and we hope to see greater improvement to come. His understanding on English vocabulary has also broadened and become useful in limited communication daily with family members.

(Parent of a male child, aged 8)

Prior to ABA therapy at Autism Link, he had a few behaviour problems. He had issues listening to instructions, paying attention, focusing on what he has to do, and he was also unable to eat on his own. His potty training was a major concern and now he is able to go to the toilet independently, after a few weeks of training. The training was done mainly to prepare him for school. Now, he is doing very well at school, able to pay attention to the teachers, is focused and can imitate his friends. His socializing skills have improved too. It has been a great pleasure working with such caring and effective therapists such as Ms. Belle, Ms. Laila, Mr. Ian, Ms. Caryn and Ms. Sarah. They truly cared and made us feel that he will hit his goals and milestones. I am a true believer in ABA therapy and its effectiveness. The sessions are like miracles. Thanks to Autism Link, we strongly recommend ABA therapy.

Daniel was in AL from September 2013 to July 2014, and his experience was absolutely wonderful for him and the family. We saw significant progress week after week. Highly-trained professionals at every level, detailed observations and feedback, very happy and positive atmosphere at the centre, young, energetic and genuinely caring therapists. Also, great parent training and support. Daniel is now in mainstream school and today, most people can't even tell he was ever diagnosed with ASD. Very highly recommended.

Testimony of Zaitul Izam
(Parent of Daniel Lebosse, aged 4)

Testimony of Vincent Koh
Parent of Koh Que Zac, aged 4)

Zac started with Autism Link in December 2011 age 4 years 9 months.  At that point he was non-verbal, showed very little interest in wanting to communicate or learn, not toilet trained, many other difficulties in managing his activities of daily living. As of August 2014, Zac knows how to request to go to the toilet, request for things he wants like "biz" for biscuits and many more single words. He shows lots of interest in wanting to learn. He is able to say yes and no which seems to have empowered him and made him even more encouraged to want to walk. He understands many instructions and generally is a happy boy. Autism Link has a group of very dedicated, caring and trained professionals and we are eternally grateful to them for our son Zac's progress thus far... 

Our son K is 6 now, he has been going to AL since he was 2 years old. We had seen a few ABA centres just before getting him started in Autism Link and fortunately  we made the best decision to sending him here. When K started off in AL, he had zero eye contact, couldn’t continuously sit on his chair for more than 5 mins, didn’t respond to his name, didn’t play with toys, could not speak at all (not even call out to us parents) and the list went on, we were worried. There were times we thought that this could be his limitation when it came to his speech and understanding.


We have Pam as his ABA case supervisor. Calvin and Shivania are his ABA teachers now. Without them we would be completely lost. All credits go to them for adding meaning to Kairav’s life. Their programmes for K included everything such as speech and occupational therapy, behaviour, and even how to play with toys. All the their programmes were so thorough that it made things a lot easier for us as we could stop all the other therapy sessions he was going to because AL was giving the complete package...

Testimony of Siva & Nithya
(Parents of K, aged 6)

Testimony of P. Surda & L.C. Seah
(Parents of S, aged 4)

Not every parent finds it easy to accept the fact that his or her child has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The most important element is the family never give up on the child. Our daughter, S, has improved a lot since she started with the ABA therapy. In Autism Link, the flexibility combined the extensive and specialized trained of consultants and therapists make the ABA approach an ideal learning platform for any child with Autism. It has the flexibility to incorporate within one programme any type of interaction needed for a particular child, for example of our case, speech & language therapy, communication & social development therapy etc, thus taking this approach beyond an educational intervention to improve all aspects of the child development...



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