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Autism Symptoms: Signs of Autism In Babies

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that causes impairment in a person’s development in language & communication, social skills, play skills, and adaptive functioning skills, making it hard for people with autism to relate to the outside world. There is a list of autism symptoms for your reference in this article.

Autism symptoms

People with autism disorder are always been misunderstood as very misbehaving, non-compliant, rude, and treated as a person with a low level of intelligence. Children with autism are having a hard time to learn in the same way as other normally developing children. Hence, parents, teachers, or educators may find them very difficult to teach.

People with Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) commonly have the following autism symptoms:

Social communication Deficits

Deficits in social-emotional reciprocity <h4>

1) Lack of reciprocal conversation

2) Minimal sharing of interest or emotions with others

3) Failure to initiate to speak, or respond to others

Deficits in non-verbal communicative behaviors used for social interaction <h4>

1) Minimal eye contact.

2) Communicates with abnormal non-verbal behaviors.

3) Does not understand the use of gestures by others

4) Unable to use appropriate non-verbal gestures while communicating

5) Lack of appropriate facial expressions while communicating

Deficits in developing, maintaining, and understanding of the relationship <h4>

1) Have difficulties adjusting behavior to suit various social contexts

2) Have difficulties in sharing imaginative play

3) Have difficulties in making friends

4) Lack of interest in peers

Behavior Deficits

Stereotyped/repetitive motor movements <h4>

1) Lining up toys

2) Flipping objects

3) Repetitively repeating after what others say

4) Speaks in idiosyncratic phrases

Inflexible & rigid at routines, the insistence of sameness <h4>

1) Get extremely upset over small changes

2) Have difficulties in transitions

3) Have very rigid thinking patterns

4) Have inappropriate greeting rituals

5) Need to take the same route or eat the same food every day

Extremely restricted, fixated interests that are inappropriate <h4>

1) Have strong attachments to unusual objects

2) Have restricted and insistent interest

Hyper - or hypoactivity to sensory input / Unusual interest in sensory aspects of the environment <h4>

1) Feels indifferent to pain/temperature

2) Reacts aversively to specific sound or texture

3) Excessive smelling or touching of objects

4) Visual fascination with lights or movement.

Sign of Autism In Babies

Some kids can show autism symptoms as early as they are in 4 months. Parents need to recognize the signs of autism in babies. Pay attention to the baby, check whether they are reacting to social information and the environment. For instance, within the first year of life, babies should start to babble and use gestures like pointing. It is really crucial to diagnose these autism symptoms in babies or early signs of autism before it gets severe. Visit your pediatrician and check your baby. You may find below a list of signs of autism in babies group by month.

Autism Signs By 3 Months

- Your baby doesn't follow moving objects with her eyes:

- Your baby doesn't respond to loud noises.

- Your baby doesn't grasp and holds objects.

- Your baby doesn't smile at people.

- Your baby doesn't babble.

- Your baby doesn't pay attention to new faces

Autism Signs By 7 Months

- Your baby doesn't turn her head to locate where sounds are coming from.

- Your baby shows no affection for you.

- Your baby doesn't laugh or make squealing sounds.

- Your baby doesn't reach for objects.

- Your baby doesn't smile on her own.

- Your baby doesn't try to attract attention through actions.

- Your baby doesn't have any interest in games such as peekaboo.

Autism Signs By 12 Months

- Your baby doesn't crawl.

- Your baby doesn't say single words.

- Your baby doesn't use gestures such as waving or shaking her head.

- Your baby doesn't point to objects or pictures.

- Your baby can't stand when supported.

What If My Child Has Autism Syndrome Disorder?

If your child has signs of autism, please schedule a visit to your pediatrician right away. You’ll discuss developmental concerns, and the doctor will evaluate your baby for autism. Or you may visit Autism Link and book an appointment with our consultant or therapist to check autism symptoms and discuss your child’s development as well as treatment.

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