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7 Activities to Increase Hand Strength

7 Activities to Increase Hand Strength autism kid
7 Activities to Increase Hand Strength

For some children with autism, the differences in brain wiring can affect sensorimotor integration. This affects motor learning and coordination. Other children would have more anxious temperaments, resulting in apprehension to participate in challenging tasks. It is, therefore, important to teach skills in a functional and fun manner to aid the learning process. With these activities listed below, your child is able to develop hand motor skills in no time.

1. Playing with playdough

Learning how to pinch, squish, squeeze, flatten and roll the playdough would help increase strength in their hands.

2. Spray bottles

Spraying paint with the spray bottle! The child would be motivated to squeeze the spray bottle in order to see results on the canvas.

3. Clothespins or Clothespegs

Pegging their favorite things onto the clothesline or rail to work on those fine motor skills.

4. Scissors

Learning how to apply appropriate pressure when cutting a straight line. A much trickier skill that requires more hand-eye coordination.

5. Glue

Using craft glue in art projects would help kids learn how much pressure to apply when squeezing the glue bottle.

6. Tweezers

Picking up smaller objects using tweezers and placing them into a cup. This activity develops precision and of course, enhances finger strength.

7. Tearing Paper

Learning how to grip and pull the paper apart would help their hand muscles. It’s a fun activity too!

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