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Picky Eating In Children With Autism

Many children on the autism spectrum are picky eaters and very selective with their food of choice. Based on research, it has been found that children with autism are much more likely than typically-developing children to be selective with food. The reasons for picky eating could be due to the flavour, texture or simply having a bad experience with the specific food. Using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), these picky eating behaviours can be tackled and reduced significantly. Our consultant, Toby Mountjoy from Autism Partnership Hong Kong shares many informative tips and steps on how to get your child to eat different food items in this video below.

In summary, it is important to: 1. Know the appropriate time to practice the food program. 2. Start with preferred to least preferred foods. 3. Understand that the process will take awhile and with more practice, the child will eventually get better at trying different food items.

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