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Why Does My Child Need A Diagnosis Of Autism?

Autism diagnosis in child
Why Does My Child Need A Diagnosis Of Autism?

As a parent, you may notice developmental differences between your child and his or her friends. Some differences appear more obvious to everyone whereas, some are fairly subtle and usually identified by a preschool teacher. These concerns usually lead to seeking answers resulting in a diagnosis of Autism. You may wonder why your child needs an Autism diagnosis when there is no sure cure at the moment. However, a diagnosis is important for your child because it provides essential information on your child’s development and behavior.

With the diagnosis, it would help you as a parent understand your child’s deficits and strengths enabling you to identify the next steps to take for effective intervention. It is also important to note that early intervention provides the best results. Besides that, it is usually a requirement for your child to have a diagnosis to be accepted into most Autism centers in Malaysia. If you suspect that your child has Autism, initial screenings can be conducted before a formal diagnosis. There are independent initial screening service providers or centers that provide in-house initial screenings done by ABA professionals such as our center, Autism Link Malaysia. However, it is still important to receive a formal diagnosis by a developmental pediatrician, a neurologist, or a psychiatrist.

Prior to an Autism diagnosis, any physical impairments such as hearing or sight problems must be ruled out to avoid a misdiagnosis. The professional should also provide a comprehensive report after providing a formal diagnosis. With this formal diagnosis, you can then learn more about Autism, the recommended treatments, and which service providers can provide the best form of treatment for your child.

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